ABP, as a political party we believe that in other for the nation to get out of the numerous problems that we are faced with today, the youths should be given priority attention. There is no nation on earth that have ever made substantial progress by leaving the youths of that nation behind. It does not make sense that we claim that we want to make the tomorrow of this nation better and then we neglect the same people who will be in that tomorrow. How can we in good conscience say we are making Nigeria a better place for the future and then push aside the people that this future belong to.
ABP, do not only want to make the voices of the youths heard but also want to bring the youths into positions of leadership so that, the nation will not be robbed of the leadership talents inherent in the Nigerian youth. Nigerian youths have proven themselves productive both at home and abroad and this is one thing we are counting on to take Nigeria from it’s present condition into a better future. A future where everyone will be given the opportunity to bring to the table what they can offer for the productivity and growth of the country, a future where the youths are no longer viewed by the political class as tools to be used during electioneering campaigns but a future where the youths will lead the developmental drive of the nation.

Let us take a break and look at other nations of the world where the youths have a level playing field with the older generation and see the enormous progress these nations are making. While not taking away anything from the older generation whose experience is equally important in nation building, it must be noted that times are changing and what was obtainable 10-20years ago is no longer obtainable in today’s world. In France for example they have a president who is a youth, it can be argued that before he came to power France was already a developed nation but the French people realised that to continue being a relevant nation today needed a leader who is in tune with modern realities. Before the French president, was the Canadian prime minister, New Zealand is also another example of a nation with a young person as a leader; other countries in that category include: San Marino, Estonia and Ireland, to mention but a few. Can someone in all honesty say that the mentioned nations are not doing well in their economy, security and other aspect of their national life?

We complain about insecurity in the country but have refused to acknowledge one of it’s root causes which is unemployment. If the youths are engaged in a productive venture we would have solved some part of that insecurity problem.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 6million jobs were lost in just 21months now can we all agree that this is the resultant effect of some of the security challenge we face in some parts of the country today?

The average Nigerian youth is not lazy but only seeking opportunities to thrive in their chosen profession. If a government cannot provide an environment conducive enough for her youths to make progress then it is rather unfortunate.

As a political party ABP which is a youth friendly party intends to create the right environment for our youths to properly express themselves in their chosen profession. The tremendous achievement being recorded in the entertainment industry is testament to what the Nigerian youth can do under the right condition and that is just a fragment of what our youths can truly achieve in other sectors of the economy.
Together with everyone in this country ABP intends to set a new precedence for a more prosperous Nigeria, the Nigeria that we all dream of and we will be proud of.

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